Testimonials 4

My dog is 13 and a half years old & has suffered with osteo arthritis since she
was 7 & now her 'back end' is going. Heartbroken at the thought of her
suffering, it was suggested to me that she might benefit from some
hydrotherapy & physiotherapy. My vet referred us to see Andraya......& her life
started to improved after the first visit!!!

She had stopped sitting - she either stood up & walked, or she lay down as
sitting was obviously uncomforatble for her. After her first session with Andraya, she started, & continues to sit! After each session (she has now had
4) she improves each time. She is even trying to jump on my bed again, having
not done this for a year!! She dances again when excited for meals & walks!

I can't thank you enough Andraya, for making our lives so much happier! I
can't recommend you highly enough! Fantastic!

Suzanne Wardle & Hattie