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I am the very proud owner of an American Bashkir Curly gelding, ages 12 years. Sparky is used for hacking and light schooling and generally having fun. After returning from a holiday, I rode Sparky in the arena only to discover that he was severely lame in trot. Sparky had no obvious signs of injury, so I presumed he had just hurt himself, whilst at play during turn out. The vets were contacted and
came out as a matter of urgency. They advised a period of box rest, to be followed up by further investigation if no significant improvement noted throughout the remainder of the week.

The vet returned and the lameness had not improved. A series of local anaesthetic blocks and x-rays failed to give any definitive answers and Sparky failed to improve. Following a week in a veterinary hospital, scintigraphy scans, more blocks, x-rays etc, the vet team were unable to pinpoint any injury
or offer a solution. On the advice from the hospital, Sparky was placed on small paddock turnout for 6 months. After this period, he was still lame and very stiff throughout the right side of his body. There was no further follow up from the vet and no answers for this very precious horse.

At this point, I decided that I was not ready to give up and accept Sparky’s injury. I contacted Andraya Hiscock, of Animal Physio UK. I had heard very positive feedback from another horse owner on my yard. Andraya was very calm and patient and demonstrated understanding and compassion.
She gave Sparky a thorough examination, with the full consent and support from my vet. She started treatment and gave me instruction on how to continue to treat Sparky myself. Her attitude was positive and very encouraging, which was a refreshing change and gave me hope. Regular visits were arranged at convenient times to treat Sparky and assess his condition. Within a month, I was
able to start gentle schooling. Within three months, Sparky was back on form and up to his usual tricks!!

It goes without saying that I would certainly recommend Andraya and hold her in very high regard. She is professional at all times and has real empathy for horses and their riders, which I have never seen before or since. Since Sparky’s recovery, I have continued to benefit from Andraya’s input, helping me to become a stronger rider and understand my horse and his needs. Her rider physio sessions have improved my riding position, which has helped my chronic back pain and given me confidence.

By Victoria Dale.

May 2012