Mylo at the hospital with paralysis from the FCE


Testimonials 2

Mylo, our 7 year old rescue Weimaraner, suffered a serious injury when he ran down a steep slope which (when he couldn't stop) resulted in having to jump down a high wall onto a road. Unknowingly to us at this time, this resulted in a disc fragmenting in his neck, leading to an FCE, the doggy equivalent of a human Stroke. The following day whilst out walking, he became suddenly & completely paralysed & spent 10 days in hospital for diagnosis & care. He looked so sad & thin, we decided to look after him at home, with the help of Andraya, who gave unstinted home support during his fightback. As he had to be wheeled from the hospital to the car on a trolley because he was unable to stand unsupported, it will be appreciated that this was a failry daunting prospect.

Ongoing Physio treatment by Andraya included Laser & NMES treatment & subsequently Hydrotherapy with treadmill. Bearing in mind that Mylo is a big dog (29") & weighed 37.5kg (82lbs) before his accident, Andraya was brilliant in the way she handled him & advised us on all aspects of care leading to return to health. 12 weeks later, he's almost back to his normal athletic self. He can run & is building up his strength again. Like any Stroke patient, time is an important factor & he is improving almost daily. We owe our thanks especially to Andraya who has helped & encouraged us in the most Professional, competent & caring way.

Alan Jarratt & Mylo

Mylo a few months into his treatment