Testimonials 1

“During the Physio Pilates sessions I have developed more understanding of the human body & the way it moves. Thus helping me to develop both my strength & stamina whilst offering the flexibility & softness needed for riding. I really feel that these fortnightly meetings have helped me to improve my riding position & technique, by developing more feel & ability to control my posture. Both my horses & me have benefitted & greatly appreciate everything these sessions have to offer & I would recommend them to anyone, whatever the age or ability.”

Leanne Mitchell

"Heartfelt thanks for working on Nelson & virtually turning the clock back more than a good few months for him. As you know I was of the opinion that nature was taking its course & nothing would help a 13 year old Bearded Collie with Osteo-arthritis. I have been more than amazed at the difference the treatment has made. Nelson is now more mobile, firmer in stance & much more alert mentally, in fact HAPPY! He is now aware of all that is happening about him, prior to that he was totally switched off. He must have been really suffering. Thank goodness we gave Physiotherapy a try. Thanks for all your kindness & patience".

Barabara Scott & Nelson

"'Andraya has made such a difference to my Welsh Cob gelding, Magic. Following uncharacteristic behaviour which resulted in a nasty fall, I feared that he was in pain, & contacted Andraya for help. She was both professional & friendly, taking time to listen to my concerns & get to know Magic. She is happy to answer my (many!) questions & is very approachable. Always reliable & punctual, I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thanks to Andraya, Magic is back to his lovely, laid-back, pain-free self & we are back to enjoying our rides out. Sincere thanks!''.

Jane Oakden & Magic