ALL animals are seen with Veterinary Consent

Physiotherapy Assessment
You, your horse, dog, cat or other animal will receive a full musculo-skeletal & / or a neurological assessment to determine any problems. A comprehensive treatment plan with specific goals will be set for each individual.

Physiotherapy Treatment
Physiotherapy treatment for animals & humans includes many techniques & modalities that will be specifically chosen for the individuals needs. Treatments may include manual therapy, electrotherapy, exercise & movement therapy, rehabilitation programs, hydrotherapy & magnotherapy.

Combined Horse & Rider Assessment
A detailed ridden assessment of both you & your horse will help to identify & analyse problems found during ridden work that may be due to either your own or your horses physical issues. This will then be addressed by providing a program of ridden exercises, in hand & lunging work for your horse & some exercises for the rider. It may be suggested that further individual Physiotherapy may be required for the horse & / or the rider in order for more specific Physiotherapy treatment techniques to be used for any physical problems identified.
Physiotherapy Pilates for Horseriders
These sessions are provided on an individual or group basis & include mat based, physio ball & pilates core stability principles.

Hydrotherapy for Horseriders
These water based exercises are undertaken in a purpose built Hydrotherapy pool & are provided as individual or group sessions.

Clinics / Demonstrations / Talks / Courses
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Price on application for all Physiotherapy assessment & treatments, individual & group "Physiotherapy Pilates for the Horserider" & "Hydrotherapy for the Horserider" sessions. Discount may be provided if more than three horses are booked at the same time on one yard.

Gift Vouchers available for all services.

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