Orthotics & Prosthetics

I can now provide individual orthotics & prosthetics for small animals. I am working alongside a specialist orthotist to be able to assess dogs, cats & other small animals for made to measure splints, supports, orthotic devices & prosthetics.

We will be providing monthly clinics for clients to enable assessments & fitting of products with physiotherapy intervention & advice . If any veterinary surgeons, vet physiotherapists or other professionals or owners would like information on what we can offer please contact me.

We have just cast & provided an orthotic to a beautiful cat called Seti, an Egyptian Mau. He was involved in a RTA in 2011 that resulted in a left fore limb brachial plexus injury. He has been managed with physiotherapy intervention & soft supports to assist in stretching his contracted carpus. He underwent a carpal tendon release in September 2011 & has just been fitted with his new specialist splint. He is now able to walk using his left paw & the orthotic device will enable him to stretch the joint & sift tissue to prevent further contractures & to hopefully maintain his current level of function.

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  • Specialist devices for therapy