Coming soon for equine & canine -

 thermal image scanning!!!

Register your interest by email. To compliment physiotherapy treatments & to objectively measure inflammation. Ideal to identify poor saddle fit, injuries & assist in the management of injuries.
Equine Physiotherapy Clinics 

Held at Burscough in Lancashire & at Brookhouse Rehabilitation Centre in Cheshire on a monthly basis to enable owners to bring their horse to us for assessment & treatment. During your visit you will have access to stabling so no waiting in the cold rain.

If you have a number of people on your horsey yard that would like a clinic day arranging please call to discuss costs - discount for group bookings available.
Combined Horse & Rider Assessment

Available alongside general Equine Physiotherapy back & neck checks & schooling issues. Please call me to book a session.
Equine Massage Course for the Horse Owner 

Planned for 2017 Please contact me to show your interest.
Animal Physio UK

Owns a number of  Mechanical Horse Simulator Machines. These piecs of exercise equipment are designed for the rider for both individual & group Physiotherapy sessions. They develope your postural alignment, core stability, balance & proprioception.

If you have a group of friends that would like to hire the machine alongside a highly qualified Physiotherapy instructor for a course of exercise sessions then give me a call! Not only is it great for working on your riding technique but it is great fun.