Individual Session

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I am able to offer private individual sessions for those that require one to one tuition. This service is ideal for clients new to the concept of Physiotherapy & Pilates for Horseriders. It enables you to start to develop the key principles of core stability, body awareness & postural alignment.

An initial Physiotherapy assessment will highlight any muscle imbalance or restricted joint range of motion that may effect your riding ability. A program of exercises will be tailored to your specific needs, so that you can work on these at home in between sessions. In addition, if you require intervention for any other physical problems or injuries identified that cannot be dealt with exercise alone, I can provide the necessary Physiotherapy treatment.

Individual sessions use mat based & physio ball exercises whilst under my direct supervision, to gain enhanced awareness of your own bodys' postural alignment. I use hands on techniques for repositioning & facilitating your posture to allow you to understand how to adapt & maintain your alignment independently. You will start off initially using static postures & progress to dynamic movements. These sessions are ideal for you to isolate & gain the control needed by the specific muscles involved in the core stability work.

Clients will also be able to put their new skills learnt in the Physiotherapy & Pilates for Horseriders sessions into practice by choosing to have a Combined Horse & Rider Assessment. The rider assessment sessions on board your own horse will allow you to functionally use your new awareness of core stability, body and postural alignment to enhance your riding technique.

If you are interested in arranging an individual Physiotherapy & Pilates for Horseriders session please contact me to arrange a suitable time.

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