Group Session

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The group sessions include both mat based and physio ball exercises using Physiotherapy and Pilates Principles for Horseriders. These sessions have been shown to improve clients core stability, body awareness and postural alignment which in turn has helped to develop their riding ability.

The classes are small to enable valuable time to be spent with each individual during the group session. Work in pairs enables you to develop observational and sensory skills to enhance your new knowledge of your body control and posture.

Other musculo-skeletal problems such as muscle imbalance and previous injuries will be taken into account. A program of exercises will be given for you to work upon during the group session. These exercises will aim to specifically stretch, strengthen, tone, re-align, mobilise joints and soft tissues to increase range of motion.

Functional exercises related to riding are encorporated so you can fine tune and practice your new skills in a controlled situation before trying these on horse-back. Popular exercises include sitting trot, rising trot, half halts and gaining an elastic rein contact.

Clients have also taken advantage of my individual Physiotherapy & Pilates Principles for Horseriders sessions as these include a full Physiotherapy assessment to identify physical problems that may relate to your riding ability. I offer Physiotherapy treatment for injuries and physical conditions including manual therapies, electrotherapies, rehabilitation programs and hydrotherapy pool sessions. I also provide Combined Horse & Rider Assessments for you on your horse, to see how we can functionally apply the principles of core stability, body awareness and postural alignment.

I currently run a number of Physio Pilates sessions in the Stockport area and I am developing this service further in the north west. If you would like to join a session or have a number of friends that want to start a new group up, please contact me to discuss further.